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Good People Foods' Top Tips to Supercharge Your Immune System. Part 1: Ayurveda

Good People Foods' Top Tips to Supercharge Your Immune System.  Part 1: Ayurveda

Welcome back to our blog!  We hope you have all been staying well and in good spirits as we continue to navigate this new norm.  As you probably know, certain people are more susceptible to being affected by the coronavirus than others; both the very young and old, as well as those with pre-existing health conditions.  However, this does not mean that everyone else is immune – we all must do what we can to prevent ourselves from contracting the virus, while being mindful that by caring for ourselves in this way, we are helping to prevent the spread of it to others who may be immuno-compromised.  Which brings us to today’s blog… and the next few actually.  This will be the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to helping you to supercharge your immune system in simple yet effective ways.  Read on to see what’s on the agenda for today!


Part 1: Ayur Ready for Ayurveda?

You may be ready for Ayurveda if you’re looking for a nifty little pick-me-up to help you overcome that lingering sniffle (that’s coming up shortly), or maybe you’re searching for a whole new way of addressing your health needs.  Regardless of your motivation, Ayurveda is the ancient art of treating the body holistically where any form of disease indicates an imbalance in a person’s constitution, or dosha (there are three – vata, pitta and kapha).  Discover your dosha by doing this quiz:  This mind-body approach seems appropriate, because now more than ever, we have the time to work on moving forward in all areas of our life by taking good care of not only our bodies, but also our mind and spirit. 

How does Ayurveda accomplish this?  There is a beautiful Sanskrit word called sattwa, which refers to a state of absolute purity and clarity.  An Ayurvedic lifestyle is conducive to the facilitation of our spiritual evolution, and encourages one to achieve sattwa by eating sattwic foods that are aligned with your specific dosha, creating sattwa in your environment through cleanliness and the use of essential oils such as frankincense, and practicing yoga and/or meditation to strengthen our minds and bodies.  To get you started on your Ayurvedic journey, try kapilabharti or the skull-shining technique.  Kapilabharti is a powerful breathing exercise that energizes the mind and helps to drive out mucous at the same time.  To do this, you expand your stomach during your first inhalation, and then you exhale quite forcefully as you contract your stomach at the same time, repeating about 30 times.  For a visual demonstration, check out this video:

As well as kapilabharti, feel free to try out my Grandma’s recipe below if you have a buildup of mucous at the back of your throat:

My Awesome Grandma’s Cure for Fighting Colds

Step 1. Soak 10 black peppercorns in lemon juice overnight.

Step 2. About an hour before breakfast, take the peppercorns out of the lemon juice and discard the juice.

Step 3. Warm up a glass of water to a comfortably hot temperature.

Step 5. Put a few peppercorns in your mouth and chew a little.  Don’t completely chew the peppercorns as you want to gain the benefits from them without having to handle their very sharp, spicy taste. 

Step 6. Swallow the peppercorns with some warm water.

Step 7. Repeat with the remaining peppercorns.

Peppercorns are a staple in Ayurveda, likely because they can be used to easily sweat out colds.  Like any remedy, this is not something you would do consistently.  You can however do this for about three or four consecutive days, take a break, and then try this again for another couple of days and see how you feel.  You should notice less mucous at the back of the throat.  Please note, if you have a pitta dosha or if this causes any stomach upset, discontinue immediately.   

Garlic is another great option to add to your diet, because it increases agni (digestive fire) and you can throw it into almost everything.  For more information on Ayurveda, check out this link from the Chopra Centre:

Fun fact: Our famous Carrot, Black Pepper and Turmeric Vegnola flavor came about after drinking the much-loved Ayurvedic Turmeric Milk many times a few winters ago whilst dealing with an influx of colds.   We consider this flavor as being a loving ode to this health-giving, sunshine-in-a-mug drink.  Follow us on Instagram as we'll soon be sharing our Turmeric Milk recipe that inspired this award-winning flavour!

We hope you enjoyed part 1 of our series on immunity!  Stay tuned for part 2, and stay strong and stay healthy you good people xo

Please note that the information provided here is not a substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician if you have any concerns about your health and/or intend to change your lifestyle by adopting any of the practices suggested in this blog.

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