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I Dream of Tahini

I Dream of Tahini

Welcome back Good People!  Autumn is officially upon us, and as picturesque as it is, now’s the time of year where we start to reassess our summer lifestyle habits.  From the onset of these colder months, we begin to look for products that can boost our immunity, bring back a healthy glow to our skin, and give us an energy boost.  How many of you associate sesame seeds with any of these attributes?  If you didn’t before, you definitely will now…  Allow us to proudly introduce you to Sesame Butter, GPF’s new line of specialty tahini!

Tahini is made from crushing sesame seeds into a creamy, dreamy paste.  Although a staple in Middle Eastern cuisines, tahini seems to have gotten shortchanged in terms of its status as a superfood and its limitless versatility.  But not anymore – by the end of this blog, you’ll be dreaming of our Sesame Butter!

Why You Should Care About Tahini

  • Sesame seeds are really good for you

One of the most important health advantages of consuming sesame seeds are their high unsaturated fats (the good kind) that can support heart health, a glowing complexion and reduced cholesterol levels.  Aside from that, sesame seeds contain large amounts of plant-based calcium, iron, zinc, and protein, which makes tahini a great choice for vegetarians.  Plus, because of the inherent nutty flavour of sesame seeds, tahini is the perfect alternative to nut butters for those with nut allergies.  And let’s not forget the antioxidant content of sesame seeds, which can help to fight inflammation and strengthen immunity.  Unless you’re allergic to sesame seeds, tahini really does offer something for everyone. 

  • You can use it in almost everything

Where are all the hummus lovers at?  Just so you guys are aware if you weren’t already, you’ve probably already had tahini because it’s a primary contributor to the flavour and texture of a good hummus.  Depending on the flavour, you can use tahini in everything from desserts to salad dressings to soups, even as a substitute for mayo, butter or guac in sandwiches and wraps.  Believe it or not, the list doesn’t stop here.  Drizzle it over potatoes and veg, swirl it with honey over granola or oatmeal, slather it over toast, or, if you’re feeling naughty, eat it straight from the jar!  Once you know how to use it, you’ll be putting it in and on everything.  You’re really only limited by your imagination!


What Makes a Great Tahini

Not all tahini’s are created equal.  Now that you know why tahini is so special, let’s talk about what you should look for in a tahini.

  • The right texture

This really comes down to personal preference.  Having said that, it can be better to have a more dense tahini consistency compared to a looser one depending on what you’re using it for, because you could easily thin it out with water, milk or olive oil if you need to, but making your tahini thicker can be more tricky.  Also, a looser tahini can sometimes indicate a less generous serving of sesame seeds to water, which is something you’ll want to keep in mind when considering quality and nutritional value.  FYI, all three varieties of Sesame Butter showcase an irresistible, velvety texture that will allow you to enjoy it in any form your heart desires.

  • The right flavour

Without question, a plain tahini has the most potential for flavour transformation because it’s, well, plain!  If you’re a fan of nut butters, you will likely prefer a strong sesame taste that again, can be suggested by the consistency of the tahini, as well as the type of sesame seeds used to produce it.  But sometimes, you don’t want to play around with your tahini and you just want something that packs a bigger flavour punch, and/or boasts more superfood ingredients.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered!  Treat yourself to our Original variety, (which is our unflavoured version), Golden Coconut (sesame AND turmeric – whaaat??!!) and Rich Chocolate, which is exactly how it sounds.  So I guess there is no right flavour – you’ll just have to try our whole range!

Craving tahini now?  Your wish is our command!  We will be selling our new line of Sesame Butter on the website very soon.  Do keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates on when and which retailers you'll be able to find our Sesame Butters in.  In the meantime, sending warm wishes and delicious dreams to our amazing Good People fam! xo

DISCLAIMER: Sesame Butter is made in a facility that processes tree nuts.  Avoid if you are allergic to sesame seeds.  The information presented here is not a substitute for medical advice. 

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