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Pressure-Free School Preparation in a Pandemic

Pressure-Free School Preparation in a Pandemic

It’s that time of year again – well, kind of!  Kids are going back to school, and what was typically considered the most wonderful time of year (for parents!) after the seemingly never-ending summer break, is now a time of justified concern for your child’s welfare.  Students of all ages are apprehensive about what school will look like for them this year.  As a way of circumventing some of this anxiety, we wanted to offer some ideas that will allow you to support them in this transition between quarantine life and school, and hopefully, bring you some peace of mind as well.  You can think of this month’s blog as a mini “lesson” that focuses on what we can control rather than what we can’t, but don’t panic, this will be fun!  As a whole, we presume the parents will be our audience, but if you’re an older student viewing this, you can just pretend you’re the parent!  Class is now in session!


Got Your Game Face On?

It’s totally normal to get the jitters around this time of year, but because of this current, novel anxiety, now might be a good time to have a discussion with your kids to see how they feel about it all and if they have any worries.  If they do, at this stage just hear them out and simply let them know that they’re being heard.  One fun way to boost confidence in kids is to play games together.  Choose a game or let them pick something that’s challenging for them but not too hard.  Every win allows them to see that they can do things that they might not have thought they could do, which is an invaluable lesson that they can take with them beyond school.  You are supporting their self-esteem this way.  Plus, by having fun together, your kids probably won’t notice any worry that you may have because in the moment, you won’t be thinking about it.  The question now is, will every night be game night?!

Safety Skills Theatre

The next step is to tackle these worries.  As you are Good People, we’re sure your children have a good understanding of how to protect themselves and others during this time.  What may be unclear for them is how they’re going to continue to do this at school.  After finding out what safety measures will be employed, try to get them into that headspace now so that they’re prepared for what’s to come.  For example, you could role-play a playground scenario where you’re a school friend who approaches them and they have to figure out in the moment what to do.  What would they do if they were the safety monitor for their class or their grade?  Even more cool would be if they end up thinking of really creative solutions that could then be proposed to the school, ultimately benefiting everyone…  I heard about one school that’s using hula hoops to enforce social distancing!  Of course, they don’t have to come up with ideas like this, but it goes without saying that the more they know how to stay safe, the better.    

Brain Fuel for Back-to-School

We’d like to take one more thing off your plate… the worry about they’re going to eat!  Below you’ll find some awesome inspiration (and maybe a recipe or two) using Vegnola that can be enjoyed before or after school!  Good food means good mood – this applies to everyone, but is especially important in a school setting where a student’s attitude very much determines their success.  Involve them in the cooking process and packing their own lunches and pretty soon, they’ll be doing it all themselves! 

Book Smart Frozen Yogurt Bark

This is a super simple recipe that your kids can help with.  Place a sheet of parchment paper in a baking tray, simply spread yogurt over it, top with fruit and Vegnola, and then freeze.  If you want, you can get all Salt Bae with your Vegnola!  (If you do, please send us a video!)  The probiotics present in the yoghurt harnesses the connection between healthy gut flora and brain function.  Your kids will devour this – just like they devour book after book.  To view the full recipe, click here.

Star Pupil Pancakes

No child (of any age) will refuse pancakes for breakfast!  Capitalize on this by piling fresh fruit over them and a little maple syrup or honey, and try using wholewheat or buckwheat flour for a healthier pancake alternative.  To stay satiated until lunch, we recommend topping your fabulous creation with Vegnola!  The wholegrain oats in all three flavors serve to ensure an incredibly high serving of vitamins and minerals, setting up your star pupils for success.  And remember, we eat with our eyes.  So the more colorful you can make it, the better your chances of persuading your kids to gobble up all the good stuff!  They probably won’t need much persuading if it looks like this though, let’s be honest…

A+ Parfait

This is another easy one, and you’ll definitely get an A+ for it!  Simply get a cute jar and layer yoghurt, Vegnola, fruit, nut butter and chocolate.  It’s been suggested that there are other types of friendly bacteria present on the surface of organic berries, so this could be a great way of introducing these into their diet to further support their brains.  FYI: we will be doing a blog soon about creating the perfect parfait, so stay tuned for that!    

DISCLAIMER: Although gluten-free, our products contain and are processed in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts and sesame.  Avoid if you are allergic and please refrain from taking to school. 


That was our latest blog!  We hope these suggestions help take some of the pressure off.  These are certainly uncertain times, but if we stay positive and proactive, we can allow our kids to concentrate on why they’re at school in the first place – to learn.  This is a great opportunity for the students today to see themselves and their families overcome difficulties at a young age, that they can look back on later in life as a weird and wonderful accomplishment!  Wait – did you hear that?  I think that’s the school bell… Good luck this year, Good (young) People! 


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