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Vegnola was developed out of a love for creating nutritious, balanced breakfast and snack options that were as beautiful as it is nourishing and delicious. 

Awarded “Best New Product in Manitoba” in 2017, Vegnola is one of those products that is so versatile you can use it on/in anything! With a winning combination of superfood ingredients and no added sugar Vegnola caters to everyone’s needs, including vegan diets.

Food developer and mom of two, Dav Lotay created her first line of raw granolas during her first pregnancy, as a healthy alternative to commercial cereals often highly processed and high in refined sugar, gluten and unnecessary additives + preservatives. As Dav began to experiment and explore new flavour opportunities and refine her recipes, she finally discovered the power of vegetables to infuse granola. Welcome Carrot, Black Pepper + Turmeric, Beet, Coconut + Cashew and Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter + Tahini.

Vegnola is a wholesome source of natural protein, fibre, essential vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and healthy fats. These ingredients have incredible benefits both physically and mentally, and they taste amazing too! We hope you enjoy! 

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