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Vegnola is made with natural, high-quality ingredients, assembled with care and artistry in a low-intensity (low and slow) cooking method. This way we ensure all of those valuable nutrients and enzymes are not broken down in the cooking process, helping to boost digestion and give you energy to begin your day feeling great.

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Inside each little bag, discover a world of colour and flavour - 3 unique granola flavours infused with the natural colour and sweetness of vegetables, herbs and spices. We believe it's essential to eat food that is both healthy and beautiful – to nourish the body and the senses!

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In the form of two magnificent sesame butters. Our Original Sesame Butter is like the LBD of tahini – a classic and always a good idea to have on hand when you want to impress. Made with the finest sesame seeds, use in hummus, desserts, dressings, and everything in between. Add a string of pearls and you got our Dark Chocolate Sesame Butter. Spiked with espresso, this velvety-smooth tahini balances sweetness with earthy flavours so perfectly you’ll be licking it off the spoon.

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